Wir suchen nach einem neuen Lab Lead!
Du kommst aus Isenbüttel, Gifhorn, Braunschweig und Umgebung und hast Spaß an der Arbeit mit Jugendlichen, sowie Interesse und Wissen zu Technik, dann haben wir eventuell eine tolle Stelle für dich!

This strange "(m/w/d)" in job ads is really frustrating. Why can't you just write "Lab Lead" (which is Neutrum in German) or "Lab Leader*in" emphasizing you really *do* stand for equality of all alpacas?

For me personally, this "(m/w/d)" translates into "we need to do something for equality and inclusion but don't know what and how as we are actually not really interested in it". - Which is something I don't believe for Jugend hackt.

@braid because this is a standardized form by the Samtgemeinde and they have to write it that way, according to their own standards.
And while I do understand your concerns and the Samtgemeinde is not at the end of their journey to inclusivity, the family department under which Jugend hackt resides really learned some stuff in the last year and tries to be more forward thinking and inclusive.

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